About Heathrow Car Rental

Car Hire Heathrow The Story So Far

We came into existence over 18 years ago when our sister company The Car Rental Centre wanted to focus upon car rental deals at Heathrow airport. It was important back then to be able to offer all major worldwide car rental locations, but we knew the importance of Heathrow due to the many bookings we were already receiving from this location.

Naturally, customers needed more information on all the car rental services and deals that were available from London Heathrow so over the years Heathrow Car Hire found its purpose, and tailored its offering.

We offer Heathrow Car Hire from all The Major providers like AvisHertzAlamoEnterpriseBudgetThriftyEuropcar and Sixt.

Our Car Rental Partners At Heathrow Airport

Getting the right car rental deals and the right vehicles for our customers were key to making us a success. Back when we first started in the 90’s we had just one supplier, but as technology moved along rapidly, we soon grew to offering over ten suppliers; and now we have access to over 800 suppliers worldwide, how the internet has allowed companies like ourselves to grow.

We are coming back to the car rental suppliers at Heathrow Airport. We wanted to offer a complete broad spectrum of offers which we will breakdown for you.

You have your big ticket well-known car rental firms; you know, the ones you will see at all airports across the world. : Avis, Enterprise, Hertz, Budget, Alamo, Sixt, Thrifty. Then you have their sub-brands, where the big guys market their products slightly cheaper, but with different conditions attached, maybe limited miles, higher excesses, and the trade-off for this is simply a more competitive price.

An example of this is Hertz Heathrow not only will they display prices under the Hertz banner they have another car rental brand called Firefly at Heathrow. So when you book a Firefly Car Rental At Heathrow, it’s Hertz Heathrow who will provide the car.

Again equally if you book your rental car at Heathrow Airport with Alamo Car Rental, this rental car will be provided by Enterprise Car Rental Heathrow. Enterprise also supplies cars for National Car Rental Heathrow.

Now Europe’s largest car rental provider is Europcar, and if you have travelled extensively around the European airports, you will have no doubt seen this company. So Europcar at Heathrow uses two other brands to sell its products also. They are called Interrent, and Keddy. Both are based at Heathrow airport and offer the more price-driven client a great service, but again the trade off is slightly higher car rental excesses and limited miles which is fine if you’re just travelling to friends and family and not going to do massive amounts of driving.

Sixt Car Rental Heathrow has thus far not bothered with other brands and has purely stuck to their traditional high-quality car rental relying upon their premium car offerings like BMWs and great service levels at their locations. One overriding comment we regularly hear from our customers who chose Sixt Car Rental Heathrow is how quick, and efficient the process is.

All the major Heathrow car rental companies above have desks in Terminal at Heathrow Airport, will be manned through busy times, but no rental cars are on the airport, so it’s worth noting whoever you use it will require a shuttle service bus from outside the terminals, so please allow for up to twenty minutes on your itinerary.